Perfect Fit

from by Curtis Windover

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I know a girl with a broken motor
she never drinks but she's always hungover
She's with a guy who just doesn't give a shit
and they don't do anything and they're the perfect fit
(ooooooh I love the way they love each other)

They spend half the day sitting in the park
leaning on trees and picking at the bark
They walk to his mother's house - dinner for three
and they munch on some food and they watch T.V.

Every now and then when the mood's just right
they eat a few mushrooms and go fly a kite
The neighbors all frown cause they care about stuff
like a lazy young couple who will never grow up

They lie in the grass as the leaves blow by
There's a smile hiding in the twinkle in her eye
Her badass boyfriend cuddles her close
and he tells her a dream about his father's ghost

I know a girl with a broken heart
The boy never broke it, it was broken from the start
He talks tough but he has no skin and
he wears a leather coat just to keep it all in

He lives next door to some elderly folks
They smile from the window when he steps out and smokes
He rakes their leaves cause it makes him feel good
They don't know that he's stoned and I don't think they should

Now it's november and the weather's getting cool
They climbed on the roof of the girl's old school
She dropped out early cause she couldn't really read
but as far as I can tell she's got everything she needs

(oooooh I love the way they love eachother)


from Pop Songs, released November 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Curtis Windover

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